NYC Subway Gets Computer Facelift

NYC Subway Gets Computer Facelift I would just like to point out that Vancouver, British Columbia has had automated train technology since 1986. As far as I can determine, there have been no major incidents with the automated system. So fears that the NYC system will cause accidents seem to be largely unfounded.

VoIP Service Providers Must Offer 911 Service

News - VoIP Service Providers Must Offer 9-1-1, Says CRTC : It's about time that the CRTC came out with this decision. I've been considering VoIP, but will not get it until I have 911 service with it. Ninety days from now, VoIP services will have to offer the 911 Service.

Hybrid Locomotive Gains Traction

Hybrid Locomotive Gains Traction It's about time that our polluting industries took an interest in reducing their emissions. Think of the savings in fuel and emissions if every yard engine in North America was converted. Wow. Now all we need is buses and trucks to convert en masse too.

3D printer to churn out copies of itself

3D printer to churn out copies of itself A Scientist in England is building a 3D printer and software system that is capable of "printing" parts in order to make an exact copy of itself. Assembly and batteries not included. Of course it will also be able to "print" just about any other components too. …

Text to Speech Demo

I found a neat Text To Speech demo website today. You can enter a phrase of text and then click a button to hear it spoken. You can download the sound clip for use elsewhere. Listen to this post.

Communications and Entertainment

When are the cable and phone companies going to get their act together? Right now, I have a cable bill which includes my internet service. I also have a phone bill. And I have a cell-phone bill. When will a unified service provider step forward? Here's what I want. I want to be able to …

Outsourcing Fast Food?

Fast Food - Outsourced?: "McDonald's franchisees in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, Brainerd, Minnesota, and Norwood, Massachusetts, recently began outsourcing their drive-thru order-taking to a call center in Colorado Springs, Colorado." Apparently this improves accuracy of order taking and speeds up delivery of orders. Why can't all McDonalds restaurants do this? They sure are slow enough here …

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