Logging Trackables with GSAK

I saw a question on GeoGearHeads Facebook page this morning: We have a Listener looking to automatically visit a trackable will every "found," "attended," or "DNF" log. While it's not available as a feature on Geocaching.com, we seem to recall GSAK and a smartphone app or two allowed such automation. Does anyone do this with …

ZeeOps have arrived

Munzee has just introduced a new part of the game called ZeeOps. Basically ZeeOps consist of Operations that are spread over multiple days. Each day you can perform one Mission. There is a cost to each Operation - you have to have enough Zee Creds to start an Operation. So a Advanced Operation will consist …

A Road to the Sunshine Coast?

The BC government has decided to study a highway to the Sunshine Coast. Much like the recent Gabriola Island bridge study, I don't see how a road route to Gibsons/Sechelt will be economically feasible. Let's look at some of the options, and why I don't think they'll work. We'll start with the route options, and …

A Second Bridge for Kelowna?

I read recently that the there is planning work underway for a second bridge for Kelowna. The current bridge is a weak spot in BC's infrastructure - if a closure occurs (accident, weather) there is no reasonable alternate route. I can think of two purposes for a second bridge: Alternate Route in case of closure. …

DNA Tests Find “Disturbingly Widespread” Seafood Fraud

Link: DNA Tests Find "Disturbingly Widespread" Seafood Fraud Do you eat fish? You’re may not be getting what you think you’re buying. I’m sure the problem exists in Canada as well as in the USA.

A Water Purification Plant for an Entire Town. In a Box.

Link: A Water Purification Plant for an Entire Town. In a Box. The tornado that deleted Joplin, MO left thousands homeless and without access to basic necessities like potable water. The PureSafe First Response Water Systems is a full water purification plant on wheels that could provide water for the entire town.

May 25, 1945: Sci-Fi Author Predicts Future by Inventing It

Link: May 25, 1945: Sci-Fi Author Predicts Future by Inventing It

I’ll totally get to your email. Later. Ok?

I’ll totally get to your email. Later. Ok?

Slaying the Cable Monster: Why HDMI Brands Don’t Matter

Link: Slaying the Cable Monster: Why HDMI Brands Don't Matter High priced HDMI cables are just that - high priced. Unlike your older video cables (RCA, S-video, etc…) where the signal can degrade over longer distances, digital signals are either on or off. So you either get a perfect picture or nothing. So save yourself …

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