I am Brian Lang. Born and raised in Alberta, I have since moved to British Columbia.
I am a Web developer, Geocacher, Scout Leader & Father of three boys.

I’ve been online since 1986 (before the internet) and active as a programmer since 1996. My current preference is to use ColdFusion, JQuery/Javascript but I’m open to try other technologies as necessary. I’ve used ASP, ASP.Net and PHP on occasion in the past, but not on any recent projects (as of December 2014). My philosophy on programming languages is this: I may not know them now, but give me a project in a new language, and I’ll learn the language as I go. It may take me a bit longer to complete a project in an unfamiliar language, but I am more than capable of learning.

You can find me on the internet at any of the following sites. Some of these are not maintained anymore.

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