SlickPlan – Online Sitemap Builder

SlickPlan - Create Beautiful Sitemaps & FlowchartsI found a nice new tool to build sitemaps this morning [via WebAppers]. It’s got a nice Web 2.0 style interface. BUT, and it’s a big but, it’s not yet ready for prime time. I’ve identified at least three problems in using it to build a sitemap for one of the websites I’ve built:

  1. Export PDF feature is not working. When I selected this option, an inline-window opens with a graphic that makes one think something is happening (animated GIF FTW!). After a few seconds the window closes. No file download window is offered. No download link appears. No PDF. FAIL!
  2. Email link not working properly. I received an email of my sitemap (a simple unordered list in text format) with an SQL statement in the email. Definitely a security issue.
  3. Site map not saved when save clicked. After spending half an hour building a site map for one of the websites I’ve built at work, it is really disappointing to not have my work available.

I wouldn’t want to rely on this service at this point. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt for now that these problems will be resolved and will check back in a week or two.

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