Purolator Sucks – AGAIN!

My XBox 360 died a while back – unplayable disc errors – basically the DVD drive stopped working.
The unit is still under warranty, so microsoft offered a free repair.
Microsoft sent me a box (coffin) to ship the box along with a return shipping label. The first red flag! It was from Purolator.
“Uh oh”, I thought.
Anyway, Purolator did their thing, and the XBox did get to Toronto (or wherever) and got fixed or replaced. I don’t know which yet.
Then Microsoft shipped it back to me. Purolator attempted to deliver it today around lunch time, but no one was home. That’s fine. But the stupid driver was unable to drive across Abbotsford (about a five minute drive) to drop my package off at the local depot. So now I am forced to wait until Monday afternoon to pick up my parcel because the driver was too lazy to do his/her job.

Once Again, I am asking you to not use Purolator for any reason. They are lazy and incompetent. Again.

4 Replies to “Purolator Sucks – AGAIN!”

  1. Couldn’t agree more- a bunch of clowns. I was waiting for an important package from my new job. Couldn’t figure out why I never got it. Then the job phones- turns out Purolator returned the package to them after I didn’t pick it up! NO attempt at delivery (I was home all week), NO note on door, NO phone call (they had my number), NOTHING! They didn’t do a damn thing, bunch of useless idiots.


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