Blog Post from Google Docs

Joseph looking for supperThis is a sample blog post created and edited using Google Docs.

Once I’m done typing this message I will attempt to post it to my blog at

I’m including a photo of my son Joseph picking what he wants to eat for supper. Just to see how Google Docs handles it.

Update: Well, Google did it’s job – kind of. Missing from the Publish to blog feature is the Blog Post Title. Something Needs To Be Done! Otherwise I will have to come here and edit every post anyway. What’s the point in using an external editor if I have to come here and edit after the fact. Why not just start here and write the post here in the first place. Or in me email software which is – oh – Gmail? I could post a blog post via email with a title, why not from Google Docs?

Other than that, it looks OK. Google Docs will even let me un-publish a post, edit it and publish it again. There’s also a re-publish option, but I didn’t try that today.

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