New Glasses update

Well, my glasses finally arrived, one month to the day I ordered them. Seemed more than a little slow to me. The package was postmarked Pakistan!! Of the two pair I ordered, one is not going to last long as it is very flimsy. The other pair, the one with the chromatic lenses, seems fine, except that the ear pieces are not what I expected. At first, I didn’t notice that they changed color depending on (I think) the intensity of the UV. But after spending most of Saturday outdoors or in the car, I finally noticed that they were darker when the sun was brighter.

Given the speed of the service from Goggles4U, I may not order from them again. Next time I might just try a different supplier.

On to the fitting experience. I took the glasses to the same place I had my eyes tested to have them adjusted. They did the adjustments for me but then asked why I needed the adjustments. I offered to pay a fee to have the glasses adjusted, but they turned me down. I told them where I got the glasses, and they tried to scare me with some of these stories:

  • If you’re in a car accident and your air bag deploys, the glasses may shatter and damage your eyes. – Personally, I think that could be the case regardless of where you get your glasses.
  • The “coating” will peel off in a matter of weeks. – This remains to be seen.

So it remains to be seen whether or not this is a successful experiment or not. At $30/pair though, I will be ordering again at some point. From Goggles4U? That remains to be seen. I’ll post again if anything changes.

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