PicLens Test Post

Kinney Lake Mount Robson and Mist Glacier Berg Lake and Mount Robson Mount Robson and the Robson Glacier

I’m testing a new plugin called PicLens. It looks promising, if I can get it working. The PicLens Plugin for WordPress takes all the images in a post and makes a slideshow from them. Could be very useful. It also includes a Slide-show widget, which you can see to the side. The widget, unfortunately, seems to be drawing images from some Stock Photo feed on Flickr, so a good many of the images in it are NOT mine. I’ll be working with the PicLens staff to figure this one out.


Update: Well, originally, the plugin failed to work. Now, I’ve removed it, and re-installed it, and it’s working fine. Go figure.

Update 2: It seems that anytime I want to refresh the plugin, I have to deactivate it and reactivate it. Hopefully the slideshow widget works the same way. I won’t be reactivating the slideshow one for a while yet as I’m refreshing my older posts with photos.

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