Don’t ship parcels with Purolator

I ordered a new computer from Dell back in July. It arrived on my birthday, July 26. Two days later, the hard drive failed – I can accept this – it happens, and Dell support promised me a whole new CPU as a “System Exchange” as the system was under 30 days old. Great.

So Dell ships me the new CPU on August 3 from their factory in the US. They call me and give me the tracking number the next day. “Great!” I think, “I’ll get it by the end of next week like I did the first one.” Nope. Purolator has now placed it “On vehicle for delivery” two days in a row, and both days their customer service call center staff have told me when I called to ask about it, that it was ON THE WRONG TRUCK! Once, I can understand. Twice? That’s not acceptable from any courier company. I’ll post again tomorrow if I still can’t get my CPU from Purolator.

Update: 2006-08-12 I called Purolator this morning, and the Shipment In Transit dated 2006-08-11 @ 17:10 means that the CPU package is in their sorting facility, and they will make no effort to go and find it for me, so now I have to wait until Monday to get it. Let’s hope Purolator’s stupidity factor stops going up and they are able to put it on the right truck for a change.

Update: 2006-08-14 I called again today and they didn’t even bother putting it on a truck today. What the hell kind of operation is Purolator running? I would suggest that it’s a circus and the clowns are in control…. Anyway, I demanded that my package be ready for me to pickup this evening. I’ll post later one way or the other.

Final Update: So I went to the depot to pick up my package, and they found it pretty quick. So now I’m happy. But don’t ship with Purolator!

And here’s the complete shipping log from Purolator’s website as of Aug 14, 09:16:

Scan Date Scan Time Status Comment
2006/08/14 04:41 Shipment In Transit
2006/08/11 17:10 Shipment In Transit
2006/08/11 15:34 Corrective Action – Currently In Transit
2006/08/11 08:01 On vehicle for delivery
2006/08/11 04:04 Shipment In Transit
2006/08/10 17:09 Shipment In Transit
2006/08/10 15:55 Corrective Action – Currently In Transit
2006/08/10 08:00 On vehicle for delivery
2006/08/10 06:01 Shipment In Transit
2006/08/09 14:11 Shipment In Transit
2006/08/09 14:10 Received
2006/08/03 09:30 In Transit in U.S.

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