Testing Coppermine

I’m testing the Coppermine photo gallery software for my website. Hopefully it will do what I want. In conjunction, I’m also testing the CoppermineSC Plugin for WordPress. Let’s see what happens.

Six Random Images from Radium Area Dayhikes Album

A specific Image from Radium Area Dayhikes Album in Normal size

Looks promising. I’ll be adding my photos to the gallery over time, and will post a link to it when I’m happy with everything.

Update: 2006-06-26: I’ve also found some style rules at Digital Westex that I’ve taken and modified for my own purposes. Warning: When I visited, the link led to a poorly designed page that was virtually unreadable due to the colour selection. Also minor edits to image headers.
Update: 2006-07-05: Reduced quantity of random images; fixed spelling mistake.
Update: 2006-08-08: Phil @ http://www.digitalwestex.com has fixed the page and it’s now readable! Thanks again Phil for your wonderful plugin.

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