Vista Beta 2 not ready for primetime

Well, it’s obvious it’s still a Beta, but it’s working reasonably well for me. I’ve had a few times where an application would freeze up and one BSOD! I have not had any one specific item cause repeated problems. Most of the software I use regularly is working fine. The one thing I miss most is my SonicWall Global VPN Client because I cannot connect to the office without that software.

I’ve switched the UI from Windows Vista Aero to Windows Vista Basic which freed up a lot of memory and processing power. It seems my 2.4 GHz Celeron isn’t up to the task of running the Aero interface. I do have a 256 MB video card and 768 MB of main memory. It appears that more main memory is a requirement. Based on the performance I’ve seen so far, I would not recommend running this system on a Celeron processor, or with any less than 256 MB video memory (on a dedicated graphics processor card) and 1GB main memory. It would be far better to run with 2GB main memory.

As I write this, I’m using Firefox (with four tabs open), FileZilla (doing a online file deletion task), Picasa (beta) (indexing my photos and uploading photos to Picasa Web), and one Windows Explorer Window. Windows Task Manager is showing 51 running processes, CPU fluctuating between 50% and 90%, and a Commit Charge of 913 / 1809M. Biggest memory users are Picasa and Firefox. I think a memory upgrade may be in order.

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