January 2006 Federal Election

Congratulations on becoming our new Prime Minister Mr. Harper. Take your minority government and show Canada what you can do. But please don’t force us back to the polls until next year.

We did not get the government we voted for. The popular vote preliminary results from Elections Canada show that we should have a very different looking House of Commons than was actually elected. Here’s the actual breakdown of seats in the house of commons as a result of this election:
Seats Won in January 2006 Federal Election
When it should look like this based on the proportion of the popular vote:
Proportional Seats that should have been Won in January 2006 Federal Election
As Fair Vote Canada says in today’s press release:

Once again, Canada’s antiquated first-past-the-post system wasted millions of votes, distorted results, severely punished large blocks of voters, exaggerated regional differences, created an unrepresentative Parliament, and may possibly have even given us the wrong government.

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