Hydroelectric power’s dirty secret revealed

New Scientist Breaking News – Hydroelectric power’s dirty secret revealed
So Hydro power is not as green as everyone thought. I’m not surprised. I think we need to move to a nuclear powered society. Yes nuclear waste disposal is a problem – but not insurmountable. Solar power takes up too much space and is not practical everywhere – not enough sunlight. Solar panels are still quite expensive. Hydro power is not available everywhere and is now not as environmentally friendly as it used to be. Hydro is not going to disappear anytime soon though and the lakes are water reservoirs as well as power reservoirs. Wind power – kills birds, and only works in windy regions. Coal power – need I really say more about this? OK – large amounts of greenhouse gas emissions. Same goes for Natural Gas power.

Modern Nuclear power plants can be built with a degree of safety that exceeds current levels. So why not do it? And Nuclear power is dirt cheap compared to some others.

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