Robert Noce and the Smoking Bylaw

So where do you really stand on the Edmonton smoking bylaw issue Mr. Noce? You’re on the record as saying that you would revisit the bylaw if you’re elected. You’re also on the record as saying that you never said you would revisit the bylaw. Are you lying to us Mr. Noce? How can we know what you really stand for?

Your website says
Between now and election day on October 18, I will offer a clear choice and an equally clear message. What clear message are you offering here? It’s as clear as mud to me.
You’ve accused Bill Smith of being a flip-flopping mayor in the past. Have you considered that you’re now a flip-flopping candidate?

Bill Smith may be a flip-flopping mayor, but he’s done that in the process of seeking consensus. You’re done it by outright lying to us. And you want to be elected as our next mayor?

Good luck – you’re going to need it.

EDIT (2005-03-04): This letter was published in the Edmonton Journal around the same date as the original post.

630 Ched’s poll today is Should council have another look at the smoking bylaw? When I voted, it was running at 60% NO.

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