Tonquin Valley

July 20-21, 2002

Pre-trip accomodations: Mount Edith Cavell hostel.

Photo Album:

[cpg_imagethumb:24,Tonquin2002_047.jpg]Saturday, June 20: This trip was originally supposed to go to Maligne Pass, but apparently the trail was under water in a few places. So our leader looked around for an alternative, and found campsites in the Tonquin Valley. We started out under cloudy skies and headed off down the trail. It began to drizzle in the first 2 km, so we all stopped and broke out the rain gear – this was the first time I saw anyone using an umbrella while hiking. We saw several spruce grouse along the trail before we crossed Verdant creek. We paused for lunch at the Astoria campground and the sun obliged us by showing itself. After lunch, the real work began as we started climbing the switchbacks. The mosquitos also came out to play – they’re vicious enough to bite right through clothing! It got so bad that at one point, I couldn’t take it anymore – as long as I was moving, they weren’t too bad, but if I stopped I became a banquet for the little buggers. So I trudged up the last few switchbacks without pausing. We stayed at Switchback campground – which was even buggier than the hike up the switchbacks. In order to eat supper, you had to walk around – if you stayed too long in any one spot, you got swarmed. After supper, we went for an additional hike along the high ground north of the campground to get away from the bugs. Distance hiked: 14 km + 10 km. Elevation lost: 46 m. Elevation gained: 408 m.

[cpg_imagethumb:24,Tonquin2002_057.jpg]Sunday, June 21: We hiked back to the trail head today under mostly sunny skies. Once we were down off the switchbacks we left the mosquitos behind. At trail’s end, Mount Edith Cavell was visible over Cavell lake. The group included Rene, David, Russ, John, Helene, Isobel, Nancy and me. Distance hiked: 14 km. Elevation lost: 4086 m. Elevation gained: 46 m.

Total distance hiked: 32 km.

Edited: 2006-06-25 – Added photo album links.

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